Original Artwork Gallery: women

by Frank Glodek
Copyright 2005.

This image started off as something completely different, and I could not stand how bad the body looked. It was too small in proportion to her head, her arms were awkwardly placed, and her hands were way too small. Basically, I erased her whole body and just drew a completely new image, just salvaging her face. This is the first time I have successfully tried a more painterly approach to my artwork and did not use any line art as a crutch. I finished this image tonight and I am very pleased. :) Hope you like it too

Image Created with: No. 4 pencil, Adobe Photoshop 7.0
Total Time: pencils 45 minutes, rework and coloring in PS 2 hours


All gallery images are the creative property of Frank Glodek and are Copyright 2005 unless otherwise stated..